A chair left where a favored aunt sat years ago to read to the children, a pile of overflow books in the corner of the library, artwork as personal as it is important, or a collection as much a part of the room as the seating.

These are JAGR : Interiors.

We are inspired by:

  • The utilitarian minimalism of the 16th Century and the self-conscious minimalism of Modernism.
  • Art which is intentional and art which is inadvertent; the intentional Art of the painter or the inadvertent art of the two centuries old furniture maker whose only mandate was utility.
  • By a mis-matched chair at the games table
  • Patina – surface age and use
  • By the seemingly endless ways in which great designers continue to address the simple problem of the chair.
  • By eclecticism. By virtuous eclecticism, which is evocative of the personality of the collector or in which seemingly disparate pieces each inform our understanding of the other.
  • By layers
  • The Country House – a richness borne of time and use, care and cultivation.
  • The perfection of graduated dovetails and the imperfection of a trestle table which occupied an anonymous farmer over a bitter winter.
  • By the clean lines and functionality of Modernism
  • By space – length, breadth, height, and – most important – volume. And by the way in which the correct interior slan occupies space, informing our sense of it and dictating our relationship to a room or to a home.
JAGR : Interiors - Objects + Spaces